MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line before delivered by the yard
Description: MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line before delivered by the yard I Location: Rijeka I Date: March 2022 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

UPDATE January 6th: MS Ambience current position and status after cancelling several cruises

SHIPS@SEA has been reporting about the cancellation of of Ambassador Cruise Lines Cruises with MS Ambience recently. You can find the inital information about the technical issues which caused the cancellation HERE.

UPDATE January 6th

Good news: This early morning MS Ambience set sail from Tilbury to depart on the planned Caribbean Cruise. As reported yesterday the first port of call will be Vigo in Spain where the vessel is actually on its way to.

UPDATE January 5th 20:00hrs

MS Ambience arrived in Tilbury with a slight delay after the necessary repairs and is currently in port.
As the shipping company Ambassador Cruise Line has informed us this evening, there is further trouble for the start of the planned Caribbean cruise – this time triggered by Neptune, the god of the seas:

Yesterday afternoon, Ambassador was made aware that there will be poor weather conditions over the coming days in the Bay of Biscay as Ambience was due to make her way to Leixoes, Portugal. To ensure our guests have the best possible experience sailing on board, we have taken the decision that Leixoes port, which is a more exposed harbour that can be affected by high swells, will be replaced with a call at the better protected Vigo, Spain, to allow the weather front to pass on Sunday 8 January. 

We have also been made aware that should we have taken the decision to proceed to Leixoes and be forced to stay in the port due to weather, there is also a planned port strike on Monday 9th January, which could have affected our departure from the port.

We have communicated this to our guests on social media while apologising for the change in itinerary, and further information will be provided to guests on board on Friday 6 January. 

UPDATE as of January 5th

In a former statemant the Cruiseline stated, that „MS Ambience is now scheduled to return to service on January 5, 2023, for a 42-night cruise to the Caribbean.“ So this cruise is planned to depart from Tilbury for the long Transatlantic Voyage today.

At the moment MS Ambience has left the German Lloyd Yard and is on its way to Tilbury.

The ship is expected to arrive there this afternoon.

In response to our inquiry, the media department of Ambassador Cruise Line stated in a brief message yesterday:

„Following the completion of works and safety checks onboard Ambience, Ambassador Cruise Line can confirm that she will today be sailing from Bremerhaven shipyard for London Tilbury ahead of departing on the Cuba & Treasures of the Caribbean sailing this week.“

If the planned sailing from Tilbury will depart as planned, is actually at least questionable, as there is now some talk of a voyage commencing „later this week“.
At present there is no indication of a complete cancellation of the cruise.

There is at least a little risk , that the planned 42-night Caribbean cruise will be shortened by an as yet unknown number of days, so that the ship can than return to its originally planned schedule after the Caribbean Cruise. Ultimately, this can only be done by cancelling or dropping some or at least one(?) of the destinations during the Caribbean cruise.

For the time being, Ambassador Cruise Line does not comment on this and will probably concentrate all efforts on a quick re-entry into service of MS Ambience.

SHIPS@SEA will keep you posted. Just come back to us online or enroll for our free Newsletter here.



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