MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line before delivered by the yard
Description: MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line before delivered by the yard I Location: Rijeka I Date: March 2022 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

UPDATE: MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line cancels several cruises due to technical issues

Follow up our latest UPDATE of December 30th here.

UPDATE December 28th: It is confirmed, that the docking and repairs of MS Ambience of Ambassador Cruise Line take place in Bremerhaven/Germany. The local Yard „Lloyd-Werft“ has a long tradition and experience in cruiseship repairs and modernisation. So, MS Ambience arrived there in the late afternoon of December 20th after a 26hrs nonstop run from Tilbury/UK.

British cruise operator Ambassador Cruise Line will take its currently only ship, MS Ambience, out of service unscheduled.
Safety problems have been identified that do not allow the ship to continue operating, according to the cruise line.
Therefore MS Ambience will now sail to Bremerhaven / Germany for a short term dry dock stay. It was not possible to carry out the repair work in Tilbury or England.
The name of the dry dock was not mentioned, but it could well be Bremerhaven Lloyd Werft, which has long worked in the cruise ship business in the field of modernization and maintenance.

„We do not compromise on the safety of our guests, employees and crew,“ Ambassador said in a statement. „Although we have already started the work, unfortunately we are unable to complete it in the Port of Tilbury, which is why Ambience has to go into dry dock.

Because MS Ambience could not be repaired on site in Tilbury, Ambassador Cruise Line further announced that its Grand Christmas and New Year’s cruise to the Canary Islands must be canceled. This was scheduled to take place beginning Wednesday, December 21, 2022 and last 15 days. All affected passengers should be informed by the cruise line via mail and provided with further information, as well as any rebooking options.

The company’s Christmas cruise was scheduled to visit the Canary Islands for 15 days. As of today, MS Ambience is now scheduled to return to service on January 5, 2023, for a 42-night cruise to the Caribbean.

More detailed background information on the reasons for the short-term failure of the ship is not available.

Cruise Industry News reported in an earlier release that problems with a lifeboat station are believed to have led to the ship’s inoperability. These problems were found during an annual safety inspection.



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