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VIVA TWO – the new star in the VIVA sky – a ship portrait

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SHIPS@SEA takes you on board the recently christened MS VIVA TWO. You can find out more about the naming ceremony, which we also attended, here.

The style on board

Of course, the blue colour of VIVA is accentuated everywhere on board. However, while on the VIVA ONE light green colour influences were used in many cases, on the VIVA TWO it is reddish-brown colour nuances on the walls and floors that create a more homely atmosphere.

The VIVA TWO is a classic river ship with four decks. What is new, however, is the style inside, in the public areas. Everything here is extremely spacious and flooded with light. In addition, the restaurant opens up to the panorama lounge, creating a completely new feeling of space. And this applies to both the restaurant and the lounge. I find this modern architectural style extremely appealing and innovative. Well done VIVA!

The reason for this is that they want to use the existing rooms in a “ floating “ way and therefore no longer strictly separate anything.
The lobby is bright and spacious, the corridors branching off are long but inviting and attractively designed.

Skilful bouquets of flowers complete the picture and add the finishing touches.

The sun deck offers a small pool at the stern and a putting green in front of it. The sunbeds and chairs on deck are certainly used even more – almost the entire deck is available for this purpose. Should the sun ever shine too mercilessly, there are also five shade islands that invite you to relax and look around – without the risk of sunburn.

The cabin selection

In contrast to the VIVA ONE, the cabin concept has been slimmed down: The junior suite category is no longer available and the eight existing suites also no longer have a „real“ balcony. Instead, the maximum 190 guests can look forward to 95 outside cabins, almost all of which have a French balcony. In the suites, the French balcony even goes so far that the window front can be opened almost across the entire width. Fittingly, the bed faces directly towards the window. Is there a better way to dream than this? Hardly.

Only the cabins on the lowest deck – the Smaragd Deck – have smaller windows that cannot be opened due to the proximity to the water.

While the spacious suites have 24 square metres of living space, the other cabins have a standard 15 square metres. This means they are about 1 square metre smaller than on the predecessor ship VIVA ONE.

What they all have in common is the modern and at the same time extremely successful and cosy interior design, which should leave you wanting for nothing. VIVA has once again thought of the little things you love, such as USB sockets on the bedside table and the personal, refillable water bottle for each guest. For coffee lovers, there is also a Nespresso machine in each cabin, which is sure to find its fans.

At the table – only where?

With the VIVA TWO, VIVA Cruises has once again expanded and upgraded the restaurant concept on board. The main restaurant Riverside is once again part of the package, with flexible dining times and free choice of table, as on the other river ships.

The same applies to the Bistro at the stern, which offers classic dishes for dinner as an alternative to Riverside. What is new here is the approach that the culinary focus is mainly on seafood. „An experiment“, as Viva Cruises Managing Director Kruse said at a press conference on the occasion of the christening.

The speciality restaurant „Moments“ is completely new in the belly of the ship. Following the Viva concept, this is also included in the cruise price and focuses on Mediterranean cuisine. There is space for 60 guests and with numerous tables for 2, Viva meets the wishes of the customers on the „TWO“.

Feel-good area

If you feel like a relaxing break after so much pleasure, you’ll find it in the small SPA right next door. A massage is also on offer (not included, however), as is a steam bath with sauna. Those who want to sweat more actively can get on the treadmill or fitness bike in the mini-gym. The latter is also available free of charge 16 times for a trip ashore with real (further) exercise and rounds off the activity offer.

Favourite spot

Apart from all the cosy places inside the ship, two places on board particularly appeal to me and both can be found on the Diamond Deck: At the stern, the VIVA Bistro with its great view of the stern water – weather permitting, there is even outdoor seating. In contrast, at the bow is the outdoor area in front of the Panorama Bar. Sailing here at full speed towards new destinations has a very special attraction to me.

The VIVA Concept

This is a concept that stands out from the river cruise market. In addition to the usual inclusions of a river cruise, such as meals, there are tempting, additional all-inclusive offers on board: The minibar in the cabin is filled with a few basics, and is refilled daily free of charge. Since the selection here is limited, I prefer to go to the bar myself. I enjoy the drinks on offer here with the best view and company. The attentive crew serves all day from an extensive bar range: sparkling wine, champagne, wine, beer, long drinks, cocktails, liqueurs, spirits, soft drinks and hot drinks. All branded products, all inclusive – at any time and without limit. Also included is WiFi, tips for the crew and a personal water bottle for each passenger. For example, you can fill it yourself for the shore excursion at two available water taps.

After booking, the price is therefore actually the final price of the cruise. Exceptions are any personal expenses, for the on-board spa, shop or organised shore excursions described above.

Sustainability on board – a promise with substance

The VIVA TWO consistently continues the sustainable path taken by the VIVA ONE: the VIVA TWO was built lighter than its predecessor and therefore has less draught, which leads to less fuel consumption. A shore power connection is also available, as are 76 solar panels on the sun deck, which support the on-board power supply and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. A highlight is the exhaust system of the main engines, which also complies with the latest European exhaust standards. In addition, the ship has its own onboard wastewater treatment plants that meet the latest requirements. It is therefore no wonder that MS VIVA TWO has already won the international „Green Award“.


A first familiarisation trip for the press will take the ship on the Rhine to Nijmegen and then on another trip from Koblenz to Frankfurt; after these pre-maiden voyages, it will then travel from Frankfurt via Würzburg and Bamberg to Passau. In its premiere year, the VIVA TWO will therefore have the Danube as its cruising area, offering voyages of between four and 15 nights. She will offer both the classic passenger changeover in Passau, as well as from and to Vienna for the international public. Vienna is simply easier to reach than Passau, as VIVA freely admits. In 2024 she will also be sailing on the Rhine to various city trips to the Netherlands and Belgium. All in all, classic routes will be offered with a top modern ship – a truly promising combination.


Is it surprising that the summary of the VIVA TWO is consistently positive? Not really. With the new room concept and the open use of it, everything seems even wider, even more open, even brighter. And even more inviting. At least to me. The entire interior design appears high-quality and well thought-out – there are no stylistic inconsistencies on board. It’s clear: professionals were at work here. They also work in the kitchen, as I could see from some samples. As with the VIVA ONE, the kitchen delivers at the highest level. More on this in our next story, when we go on a short cruise with VIVA TWO. And that’s where we come full circle: after today on board, there’s only one thing you really want: to stay on board, and for longer. Can there be a better compliment for such a new ship? I don’t think so…

SHIPS@SEA will soon be casting off with MS VIVA TWO and setting sail. Follow us on board or have a look at the sister ship VIVA ONE here.

By the way: After VIVA ONE and VIVA TWO is VIVA THREE – click here for the promising news on the river.

Advertising: SHIP@SEA visited MS VIVA TWO at the invitation of VIVA Cruises.



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