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MS Seaventure Part 2: On a premiere expedition for the great Iceland adventure

In Part 1 we presented the Seaventure in detail, what special features there are to consider – and above all to experience – on an Iceland expedition and who Iceland Pro Cruises actually is. In Part 2, we now go ashore, I dive into the on-board cuisine and show numerous Zodiac impressions, among other things.

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Iceland is awesome and Iceland Pro Cruises will take you there

Clockwise, the circumnavigation of the island continues and it becomes flat. Not the standard, but the destination: Flatey translates as „flat island“ and hardly any ships get permission to land on this private island. The panorama is unique: Alpine mountain peaks in the background and on the island itself a diverse fauna that invites to be observed.

The stay in Husavik is outstanding: the weather is now midsummer at 18°C with pure sunshine and remains good almost until the end of the journey. At the beginning of June it is no longer dark here and so I enjoy the experiences on land almost 24/7.

Fortunately, the Seaventure stays in the harbour overnight in Husavik, because the possibilities in the number one whale-watching capital are almost endless: whether it’s a hike to Lake Botnsvatn, an excursion to Lake Myvatn with its pseudoceras and the Godafoss waterfall, or whale watching with a 99% sighting guarantee. I saw so many whales that I stopped counting at some point – to experience this up close is impressively beautiful.

The end of the evening in the never-setting sun in the thermal pool with infinity view of the sea is breathtakingly beautiful and well worth the money.

Seydisfjördur enchants with its location in the fjord and the cosy village.

Djupivogur is the gateway to the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon. In still the best weather, the icebergs glitter magically in the lagoon. It’s a sight I find hard to tear myself away from – if you haven’t been here, it’s your own fault.

Before the voyage ends in Reykjavik, we will visit the Vestmannaeyjar Islands. On the main island of Heimaey, an excursion to the somewhat overly flowery „Pompeii of the North“ is worthwhile: here, houses buried by lava give an idea of the elemental forces of nature – fascinating.

My personal „golden circle“ closes again in Reykjavik: the expedition cruise around Iceland ends on the tenth day of the journey. But the journey does not simply end – before the return flight on the following day, there is still plenty of time to discover the capital intensively with its rich cultural and leisure activities. Or to book the full-day excursion „Golden Circle“: Highlights such as the Strokkur Geyser, the Gullfoss Waterfall and other national parks await visitors for the tour finale.

Small ship – many experiences

On the Icelandic circumnavigations, it is clearly the land that is the focus of the discoveries and not the ship. Yet the stay on board is by no means uninteresting – the Seaventure is a real experience in itself even without a classic entertainment programme.

The crew tops itself almost daily and provides entertainment from morning to night – not intrusive and very charming: the offer ranges from excursion presentations to BBQ by the pool, a bridge tour or a (free) beer tasting. There is a small but very entertaining crew show and the lectures about the country, people and background are always as informative as they are exciting.

Not to forget the christening of the Arctic Circle and a drink on the pool deck – even though we were only in Arctic latitudes for a short time, this was also celebrated in an atmospheric way.

Clearly a highlight of the expedition ship: excellent Zodiac excursions and landings.

I am impressed by what is possible on a rather small cruise ship and the quality and dedication with which it is offered.

Seaventure Culinary – made by SeaChefs

The reputable company SeaChefs is responsible for the catering on board and this is done at a well-known high level. Chef Jörg Lehmann and his team create classics as well as many specialities in the compact galley for the only restaurant from early morning to late at night. There is at least one Icelandic speciality at every meal – whether at the buffet or a la carte.

The culinary expert tells me that he cooks according to the weather and therefore likes to cook a bit heartier in the case of Iceland. Soups are an absolute highlight among the dishes: There are two soups to choose from at lunchtime and in the evening, and you are well advised to try both! The freshness, the aromas and thus the taste of the soups are fabulous.

Just as great is the fact that hotel manager Julia buys fresh fish for the kitchen in between trips. The 33-year-old usually does this in Isafjördur at Kardi’s (pronounced „Kauri“) shop. The man in his late fifties is a third-generation fishmonger and not only supplies his land-based customers with fresh Icelandic fish. Julia therefore took 35 kg of freshly caught haddock with her for the Seaventure guests.

Iceland Pro Cruises also has a wonderful offer: in addition to branded teas, hot chocolate and coffee, coffee specialities such as espresso or cappuccino are available from vending machines and at the bar – around the clock and without additional payment.

TV- weather expert Sven Plöger explains the climate change

In the heat of Iceland’s daylight night, the well-known meteorologist and TV host Sven Plöger takes to the podium in the Expedition Lounge. On this voyage, he presents his concentrated knowledge of weather and climate in a series of lectures on board. Plöger still presents the weather several times a month on ARD and is also in demand as an expert on all meteorological matters at lectures and events.

Iceland Pro Cruises was able to win him as an additional expert for this cruise. It is hardly surprising that the native of Bonn captivates the German-speaking guests. With humour and wordplay, he addresses weather forecasts as well as serious topics of climate change. He immediately involves his audience in the lectures and asks them for their previous knowledge – at times I feel reminded of my chemistry teacher from the past, except that Sven Plöger is far more entertaining. In conversation, Plöger reveals that he himself is actively trying to counter climate change: no domestic flights, taking the train and public transport wherever possible, at home in Ulm he does everything on foot or by bike. If he has to use a car, he drives an electric car. In his latest book, among other things, he shows what each individual can do to counteract climate change.

Plöger has also made various documentaries on the subject of weather and climate change, which in my view are worth watching and can be found via relevant media libraries.

By the way: Sven Plöger will be going on a voyage with the Seaventure again in 2024 and will be able to inspire his listeners with his expertise on a Greenland expedition.


If you want to discover Iceland intensively and in depth in a relatively short time, Iceland Pro Cruises is the perfect provider. Well-known places are visited as well as unknown „pearls“ of the country that you would not be able to reach with other operators. Here, IPC has a unique selling point that should not be underestimated. The combination of extensive shore excursion offers with a sea voyage in front of the changing coastal landscapes is terrific.

The shore excursions are carried out to a very high standard and are priced at the average Icelandic level or slightly below. IPC leaves no stone unturned to explore the sights on the coasts by Zodiac excursion, or to penetrate far into the interior by excursion trip. If you like, a rental car can be organised on board and you can go on a road trip on your own – I tried it out for a day in the south of Iceland and was also very impressed by this option.

The expedition team, as well as the entire crew from the waiter to the captain, were extremely friendly and attentive to the guests – from day one there was a real feel-good atmosphere on board the Seaventure. The ship comes in an impressive visual condition – you could (almost) mistake it for a new build, it is in such good shape.

Although the Seaventure is not particularly large, everyone will find their personal favourite place on board – even if it is the extremely comfortable and cosy bed in the cabin. Promised.

MS Seaventure Crew of Iceland Pro Cruises

This crew is something special!

In the 2023 season, five more Iceland circumnavigations will be offered, as well as three Greenland expedition voyages. In 2024, Iceland will be explored intensively on seven nine-day voyages and the Greenland programme will be further expanded: six trips will then be made to the Arctic or, with an additional Iceland combination, to the “ everlasting ice“.

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Advertising: SHIPS@SEA travelled at the invitation of Iceland Pro Cruises with the support of the agency Will Kommunikation.



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