MS Delphin is being prepared for her final towing-voyage to Aliaga
Description: Heading for scrap: MS Delphin is being towed to Aliaga I Location: Rijeka I Date: April 2022 I Copyright: © Courtesy of Viktor Lenac Shipyard

MS Delphin on the way to Aliaga for scrapping

Today at noon around 11:30 UTC+2, the last hours, the last voyage, began as the „ship“ MS Delphin. Since then, the ship, built in 1975, has been on the hook of the Maltese tugboat „OPAL“. This will take the popular cruise ship, which is only connected by two chains, to Aliaga in Turkey.

Arrival in eight days on the „beach of death“

MS Delphin will be completely unmanned during the tow. This is done more often for logistical reasons as well as insurance reasons. Relevant AIS sites report that the tow is expected to arrive in Aliaga on 21.04.2022 at around 09h00 UTC. There, the same company that already scrapped the well-known cruise ship „Astor“ in 2020/21 has been awarded the contract for the scrapping. SHIPS@SEA reported in detail with an on-site report. Tracking of the last Delphin voyage is possible via the relevant sites with the name of the tug – MS Delphin itself has not been transmitting an AIS signal since 2020.

This will happen shortly to MS DELPHIN, too.

Detailed DELPHIN story

Shortly before MS Delphin left the Croatian Viktor Lenac shipyard, SHIPS@SEA was on board MS Delphin – our extensive STORY@SEA will be published on this shortly.



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