MS Ambition in the colors of the former operator AIDA as AIDAmira
Description: MS Ambition in the colors of the former operator AIDA as AIDAmira I Location: Teneriffa I Social Media Name: Instagram: @mt.travelmoments I Date: April 2021 I Copyright: Max David Thiele

MS Ambition of Ambassador gives home and hope for refugees

Ambassador Cruise Line announced today that it will be working with the Scottish Government to support Ukrainian war refugees. As a result, there will be changes to the launch of MS Ambition, a new ship for Ambassador Cruise Line.

From September 2022, the Ambition will be in Scotland, serving as a hotel ship for the refugees. After this six-month assistance, MS Ambition will move to Rijeka, Croatia, to go into dry dock. The public areas, as well as the cabins, will undergo a soft renovation. In addition, the main engines will be modernised so that the Ambition will be one of the most sustainable ships at sea.

As things stand, therefore, all planned cruises by Ambassador Cruise Lines of new Ambition departing by 11 May 2023 have been cancelled. All later departures have not been affected by the changes so far and will go ahead as planned, the line said. Affected guests will be notified directly by Ambassador.

Ambassador Cruise Line emphasises how much it cares about supporting this humanitarian action and offers all affected customers their understanding.



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