SPV Star Clipper of Star Clippers at anchor
Description: SPV Star Clipper of Star Clippers at anchor I Location: Lipari I Date: October 2023 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

Star Clipper Part 2: The sailed dream off Amalfi’s coastline

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In PART 1 we introduced the tall ship Star Clipper in detail and now we take you ashore: Amalfi is waiting – let’s go!

The voyage from „A“ for Amalfi to „S“ for superb

Amalfi – the name already implies a magic that is to be discovered shortly after we drop anchor. Either you hike along the „path of the gods“ with an impressive view or discover the picturesque alleys of the old town. If you have a little more time and the urge to explore, take a ferry and cross over to one of the nearby towns. On these „scenic cruises“ you can see how the mountains and their cliffs suddenly plunge steeply into the sea and how beautiful houses seem to stick to the slopes. Breathtaking!

Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago off Sicily and presents itself as cosy – almost dreamy. A stroll through the alleys and along the fortification walls lets you walk in the footsteps of the Middle Ages. In the afternoon, the Tyrrhenian Sea invites you to go swimming from aboard the anchored Star Clipper. The water temperature of 26°C and the magnificent island scenery provide the perfect setting for this.

For Star Clipper guests, Messina is the gateway for excursions to Etna – the highest active volcano in Europe. An excursion to picturesque Taormina is also tempting, or a stroll from the harbour to the largest mechanical clock tower in the world. Every day at 12 noon, a surprising spectacle takes place here when the music box puts on an impressive show over several floors. Even the roar of lions and classical music can be heard – simply amazing and well worth seeing!

Pompeii is easy to reach from Naples, as well as Sorrento. The excavation site of world renown impresses not only with its size, but above all with the quality of the uncovered artifacts. One feels transported far back in time, and can very well imagine how the ancient Romans used to live. The exhibition is so extensive that you can easily plan a whole day here.

Ponza is the largest of the Pontine islands and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Only a few international tourists visit the island, so it can rightly be called an secret tip.

The compact island with its picturesque harbour invites you to go hiking, swimming and diving. Unfortunately, the beaches near the village are polluted and littered with waste from our so-called civilisation – in the meantime, this has become a worldwide problem and a worrying problem not only here.

Positano can be reached by a twenty-minute ferry ride from Amalfi and nestles in its bay against the steep mountain slopes. You wind your way up through serpentines and narrow alleys, and the whole panorama is finally at your feet from various vantage points. For variety, there are countless boutiques offering appealing products. The price level for shopping and restaurants is similar to Amalfi and Sorrento – beauty and location cost extra, but are well worth it.

Sorrento is the area of orange, pomegranate and lemon groves. The town with its historic centre is beautifully situated above the sea cliffs and offers unique views of Capri and the Bay of Naples. The well-kept pedestrian zone with the Piazza Tasso is a must-see. From the Villa Comunale Park, it’s a 15-minute walk down to the idyllic Marina Grande harbour. A little off the beaten track, you can order exquisitely prepared fish dishes or enjoy a cool drink with a view from one of the little tables.

At dusk, the volcanic island of Stromboli is circumnavigated shortly after setting sail from Lipari. The guests on deck are lucky and witness several eruptions visible from afar. This impressive natural spectacle not only rightly puts the shining crown on this day.

Star Clippers offers numerous and varied shore excursions in the enchanting destination ports. The extensive offer is just as attractive as the price level.


Two things make this voyage so special: The atmosphere on board is exceptionally warm. Firstly, there are the very open guests who treat each other in a friendly manner, and then there is the crew, who are so warm-hearted and approachable that you would like to invite them all to your home.

The unusual routing makes the trip so special: anchoring directly in front of the most beautiful places in the Amalfi region and immersing yourself in the fantastically beautiful Italian flair within a few minutes is wonderful. Having the maritime Star Clipper silhouette with its high masts always in front of your eyes makes the adventure perfect.

Star Clippers does not want its voyages to be understood as luxury – rather as the special cruise under sail, which can be classified at a good middle-class level. The favourable additional costs on board make this sailed dream seem even more dreamlike.

Is that possible at all? „Yes“, on board Star Clippers Cruises this is also possible without any problems.

With unique impressions in my luggage, I say goodbye to the Star Clipper and its dream crew. One last look back up the masts and at the same time I hear the crickets chirping again: so they have also hopped back ashore. A heartfelt greeting to all those who accompanied me on this unique sailing cruise: „Ahoy Star Clipper Family“ – now I belong to it too and will gladly become a repeat offender.

By the way: The route described will be travelled again in 2024. After the winter season in the Caribbean, the tall ships will return to European waters and Star Clippers Cruises will then offer sailing trips off the coasts of Italy again, among other things. Further information on the offers at

SPV Star Clipper of Star Clippers under sails
„Goodbye Star Clipper“ – see you on the next sailing trip.

Advertising: SHIPS@SEA travelled on board the Star Clipper at the invitation of Star Clippers Cruises and Star Clippers Kreuzfahrten with the dedicated support of the agency Will Kommunikation.



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