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MS World Voyager – one more ship joins the Atlas Ocean family

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Farewell World Voyager – off to new shores!

Once MS World Voyager has been launched by nicko cruises from Germany in 2021, the world voyage of the stylish expedition ship will now continue. MS World Voyager will find its new home with Atlas Ocean Voyages from winter 2023 and will henceforth travel to the remote regions of the earth with international guests.

The World Voyager, built at West-Sea in Portugal, will join a family of equals: The Atlas Ocean fleet currently already consists of the identically constructed sister ships MS World Navigator and MS World Traveller. With MS World Explorer, another ship will additionally be deployed on the French market. But that’s not all: Atlas Ocean is expecting three more units shortly, MS World Seeker, World Adventurer and MS World Discoverer, to expand the successfully operating fleet. The fleet is united by its strength: expedition voyages of a high standard are offered in a small circle of a maximum of 200 guests. Of course, World Voyager also brings along the corresponding Zodiacs: 12 in number. With them, the guests go on a discovery tour in the Arctic, Antarctic or on small islands and remote coasts.

SHIPS@SEA is travelling with the Voyager on one of its last voyages with nicko cruises before the ship is handed over to Atlas Ocean. As part of a „soft“ North Sea expedition, we also got to enjoy the Zodiac operations – but more on that later.

MS World Voyager introduces itself – discoveries on six decks

One thing is clear: as chic and elegant as the World Voyager is, the ship is not the focus of the cruise. The destinations take this place and so it is not surprising that the entertainment on board does not include shows or countless bars and restaurants. Instead, there are extensive outdoor deck areas on Deck 7 and Deck 8 – where every traveller will find their favourite place to soak in the world’s breathtaking landscapes – in the front row of course. My personal favourite spot is on deck 5 at the bow: below the bridge, here you can enjoy the world’s best panorama in the direction the ship is travelling – with a decidedly large amount of space and seating.

Almost as tempting is the counterpart at the stern on deck 4: The Al Fresco restaurant terrace invites you to lunch or dine in the sunshine – it could hardly be more beautiful.

Those seeking relaxation will find further deck areas at the stern, equipped with comfortable loungers and lounge furniture.

The Observation Lounge offers a fabulous view in addition to its dignified living room feeling. The glass dome in the middle of the lounge is particularly impressive on winter nights when there are sightings of the aurora borealis.

At the pool amidships, which is flanked by two whirlpools, the Lido Cafe is the first address for snacks in between. The menu includes classics such as burgers, pizza and pasta, as well as a salad and ice cream bar. The timeless ambience is straight forward and sheltered from the wind.

Deck 8 offers the best view all around: The World Voyager can be comfortably circumnavigated from bow to stern and you can soak up the sea air undisturbed, as the Voyager still has the classic railing. No one has to suffer their existence behind glass windows here. Simply wonderful!

Most of the cabins from eight categories are located on deck 5 and deck 6. All cabins have one thing in common: they are tastefully furnished to a high standard and equipped with all modern conveniences.

Many cabins have balconies and others have retractable infinity windows that give the cabin a French balcony at the touch of a button.

Only the accommodation close to the water on deck 3 has to do without such luxuries. You will not find any inside cabins on board the Voyager, so you always have the best view. The space available is impressively generous – only the cupboard capacity is below average, at least in my cabin.

The cabin bathrooms, on the other hand, are far above average: they are so appealing and large that I consider them to be among the best at sea. A particular highlight are the showers, which have plenty of space, a bench seat and several water jets. High-quality care products from the L’Occitane brand successfully round off the bathing experience.

The heart of the ship is deck 4 with its public areas: At the bow is the auditorium, where lectures are offered and cinema films are shown. Amidships is the spacious reception area along with seating by the window.
An oversized LCD monitor shows impressive images of the ship and worldwide destinations. A few steps away, you will find the coffee and tea station, which is always available, and the on-board boutique is seamlessly connected to it. The sea view gym or the attractively designed spa with sauna area are also worth a visit.

The Mystic restaurant at the stern is attractive and has large windows. Here all guests dine together at once and also have a fabulous view of the sea. When the weather is favourable the Al Fresco outdoor terrace is an excellent seating option with the sound of the sea. The tables themselves are a pleasure to sit at: The stylish setting with fine tableware is already a visual pleasure.
The quietness of the ship’s engines is impressively positive: Even at full speed, you hear almost no noise or vibrations from them, even though the restaurant is located in the vicinity.

Going ashore by Zodiac and tender

There are three destinations to discover on this short cruise and all variations of a landing are offered: In the small port of Harlingen in the Netherlands, MS World Voyager moors classically at the pier. The picturesque town with its pretty facades of historic warehouses presents itself as dreamy and cosy. A stroll through the town with its yacht harbours or the offshore beach rounds off the small, but fine offer.

To the well-known Dutch island of Texel, we tender into port in the small town of Oudeschild. Various activities are worthwhile here: The Kaap Skil Museum presents findings from the seabed with maritime history in an impressive exhibition. A cutter trip brings you closer to crab fishing and a bicycle tour across the West Frisian Texel invites you to explore the island more comprehensively.
Are you curious about Texel? Tanja from presents Texel in a charming and informative way.

The only German offshore island, Helgoland, also shows itself in summer-style: With the on-board Zodiacs we go on a discovery cruise in front of the colourful sandstone coast. The Zodiac operation is routinely carried out by the crew and enriched on our sightseeing trip with some interesting information on flora and fauna – this makes excursions really exciting!

But the landing is also very worthwhile: On the neighbouring island „Düne“ you can get up close and personal with grey seals, harbour seals and oystercatchers, while the main island attracts visitors with the „Lange Anna“ and colonies of guillemots and gannets. By the way: Helgoland has a special status under customs law – taxes are not charged, making the island a small shopper’s paradise.

SHIPS@SEA behind the scenes

On this voyage, SHIPS@SEA has the opportunity to take a detailed look behind the scenes of the World Voyager – we present exciting impressions from otherwise closed areas. You can find more pictures here.

@the bridge

Captain Cosmin from Romania happily opens the door to the bridge and takes a lot of time to show us the technical details of the modern ship with its ice class. He shows us every area of the bridge, which is surprisingly spacious for a ship of this size.

@the engine room

The master of the engines in the Engine Control Room is Iliyan from Bulgaria. With his team of 16 men, he detects any anomaly before it arises. To do this, they work in shifts in the engine room, just like on the bridge. Iliyan is justifiably proud of the fact that his main engines only need 0.6 tonnes of fuel per hour to power the Voyager at a speed of about 12 knots. That is extremely little, he explains.

@the galley

Highlife in the galley at prime time: Shortly before the upcoming dinner, Chef Adrian invites us to take a look into his simmering pots.

Since the galley provides culinary services for the entire ship, it is always busy – after all, someone somewhere is always hungry: Either the crew or the passengers. In order to be able to meet all the requirements without any problems, two cooks also work at night. They make it possible for all guests to indulge in a delicious buffet in the morning.

But the chefs themselves also dine before the passengers: This doesn’t necessarily have to do with being hungry – rather, it’s about a final quality check before the food is served in the restaurant. For this, Chef Adrian gathers his team around him and everyone tastes the numerous dishes. This feedback is then used to make final finishing touches before the cruise guests are allowed to take off into the culinary heaven.

Fine Dining – the Voyager culinary experience made by Mystic

Mystic Cruises provides the catering on board its entire fleet itself – including on board the World Voyager. What the young chef Adrian and his 15-member team conjure up on the guests‘ plates every day is remarkable. From pastries and fresh breads to fruit and salads to elaborate menus in the evening, everything is on offer – if you are not stuffed and satisfied on board, there is nothing we can do to help you…


With the World Voyager, Atlas Ocean has added a thoroughly excellent ship to its fleet. At the same time, nicko cruises‘ exit from the German expedition ship market is a loss. A ship of this size and at this level will be missing here in the future – a painful loss, as regular nicko passengers have confirmed to me in one voice.

Already on this five-day voyage in European waters, the ship and crew have grown close to my heart. In particular, the extremely dedicated crew impressed throughout with their friendly presence and willingness to help. SHIPS@SEA was on the move in many areas of the ship and from the dishwasher to the captain, this positive common thread runs through the crew. For future guests, this is the important news: all staff employed through Mystic Cruises, will continue to be on board and provide impressive travel experiences.

The Portuguese shipyard has done a great job with MS World Voyager: The public areas, the cabins and the technically complex overall „ship“ system are of high quality and function reliably. In contrast, some differences in height on the walkways and corridors seem incomprehensible to me: In front of the restaurant, for example, the deck rises for no apparent reason and becomes an unexpected tripping hazard. Some floor ledges appear unexpectedly in different corridors of the ship, so you are well advised to look where you are stepping.

The galley serves a small early-bird special in the morning in the Observation Lounge, while the extensive breakfast buffet scores with a wide range of fresh fruit, pastries and fish. The experience is rounded off by changing a la carte offerings. In terms of quality, I find the lunch buffet to be the weakest: here, it is especially the temperature of the hot dishes that are not always as warm as my palate would like. In contrast, the evening dinner leaves nothing to be desired – the extensive menu offers an impressive selection of very high quality. This easily consoles the lack of a late-night snack.

Whether near or far: With MS World Voyager, future Atlas Ocean guests will travel in comfort and style to the most attractive areas of the world. They can look forward to wonderful cruise experiences on board a small dream like ship that will make a big impact.

„Fare Well“ and „Bon Voyage“ World Voyager.

SHIPS@SEA travelled on its own account with MS World Voyager and with the kind support of the nicko cruises media department.



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