MS Dutch Largo of Dutch Cruise Line
Description: MS Dutch Largo of Dutch Cruise Line I Location: Bonn I Date: September 2023 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

MS Dutch Largo: The modernised cruise classic in a ship’s portrait

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MS Dutch Largo comes alongside in Bonn today and I go on board for SHIPS@SEA to get to know the ship. Even from a distance, the exterior modification of the river cruiser can be seen: During the last winter break, infinity windows were installed in numerous cabins. Since 2023, most of the cabins on the two upper decks now have floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened of course and allow even better enjoyment of the rivers.

The Dutch Largo Discovery Tour

The door outside the foyer on the Mozart deck is also opened and Dutch Cruise Line sales director Quinn warmly welcomes me on board. The exploration of the classic river cruiser begins right here: The curved reception area made of lots of wood and brass cannot deny its maritime reference and is a positive first impression when entering the ship.

But before we continue inside the ship, we go up to the sun deck of the Dutch Largo. Numerous deck chairs guarantee each of the maximum 144 guests a front-row seat with a view of Europe’s most beautiful river landscapes. In addition, awnings provide shade for those who wish so. Those who want to play tactics, on the other hand, are invited to demonstrate their strategic thinking at the stern with an exciting round of large-piece chess.

Behind the wheelhouse of the ship, sheltered from the wind, there is a mini-pool that provides the desired cooling. The Dutch Largo was originally built for Amadeus River Cruises in 1997, so it is probably due to this that there is no open-air lounge or seating area in the direction of travel. Such features were not an issue 25 years ago, but the rest of the sun deck is spacious enough to make yourself comfortable.

If the weather stays good for the chef, a BBQ with live music is also offered on the sundeck once during each voyage: According to Quinn, this is an experience that the guests highly appreciate.

Back below deck, the panorama salon with floor-to-ceiling windows and a small bar is located at the bow. In a very cosy atmosphere, the comfortable armchairs invite you to socialise and enjoy yourself. In the evening, a classical solo entertainer plays and provides the appropriate acoustic background music, while the guests can comfortably enjoy the changing river panorama. Once a week, a surprise is added to the evening programme: a local band or singer or dance group performs – depending on where the Dutch Largo is at the moment.

Next to the 24-hour reception is the shop and the small library with a selection of books in German.

The Dutch Largo’s restaurant is located at the stern of the Mozart deck: Here, all meals are offered in one seating, with guests seated at fixed tables. Particularly tempting is the restaurant’s relatively high position in relation to other river ships, which often accommodate their restaurants lower down. On the Dutch Largo, the eye is delighted not only by the food served, but also by the outstanding 270° view, as the restaurant consists almost entirely of windows.

On the Strauss Deck, one deck below, you will find most of the cabins on the 4* upper middle class ship. The mini-spa, which offers massages and haircuts, is also located here.

Close to the water is the Haydn deck with its 24 outside cabins. Since the windows are directly at the waterline, there are naturally no windows that can be opened, even after the modernisation. One would possibly put one’s cabins under water; and who would want to go to bed so refreshed with water?

The Dutch Largo cabin range

On the Dutch Largo, Dutch Cruise Line offers a choice of 73 cabins in four different cabin categories. The cabins on the Mozart and Strauss deck almost exclusively have the new windows, which are sure to thrill guests. The cabin categories differ essentially in their location on the ship, but not in their size and furnishings. The size is generally 14 m2 and of course the cabins are equipped with individually adjustable air conditioning, satellite TV and comfortable beds with a wonderful view. The other features are practical without any frills. I missed additional lights next to the bed or in the shower.

Behind the scenes: Culinary excursion into the galley

12 noon and it’s all happening in the Dutch Largo kitchen: ovens are humming and mixers are whirring around me; pots and pans are clattering. I am right in the middle of the food preparation. Chef Cahyo from Indonesia and his team of six have all the ingredients and kitchen machines firmly under control.

While the self-service salad buffet is already set up in the restaurant, the hot courses of turkey breast or fish stew are freshly prepared. The quantity of menu options is manageable, but the quality is extremely convincing and very tasty, both visually and taste-wise.

And those who return on board too hungry after an exhausting shore excursion only have to give their waiter a hint: Large portions are served just as easily as smaller plates for senior citizens. Anything is possible and everything tastes good – this kitchen team knows how to do it!


MS Dutch Largo presents itself as a middle-class ship for travellers whose focus is on the land-based experience. The cheerful crew spreads cheerfulness and charm that hardly any guest can resist. The crew is also quick to help wherever they are needed.

Ongoing maintenance work is proof of the extremely fine overall condition of the 25-year-old river cruiser. This is certainly helped by the fact that all Dutch Cruise Line captains are also part owners of the fleet of 12 ships and have a vital interest in keeping the ship in the best possible condition.

With the installation of the infinity cabin windows, Dutch Cruise Line is investing in the future of the ship and is thus also meeting increasing customer demands. Only the bathrooms hardly exude the style of the modern present, but of course fulfil their purpose.
On the ship’s changing routes, customers are offered a lot of river pleasure at attractive fares, without the ship offering too many extras.
Nevertheless, a lot of attention is paid to details: For example, the flowers on board are almost exclusively natural and it is very clean in all areas – the Dutch Largo is simply a ship to feel good on.

When Dutch Cruise Line is not sending its Dutch Largo on voyages with its own guests, the ship is often offered as a full charter by well-known tour operators such as Polster & Pohl from Leipzig and sets sail with mostly German-speaking passengers. It is therefore hardly surprising that the crew can usually speak and answer questions in German.

Furthermore and always „Bon voyage Dutch Largo“ and „Ahoy from Bonn“.

MS Dutch Largo of Dutch Cruise Line

Advertising: SHIPS@SEA visited MS Dutch Largo at the invitation and with the dedicated support of Dutch Cruise Line.



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