MS Amadeus Cara of Amadeus Fluss-Kreuzfahrten
Description: MS Amadeus Cara of Amadeus Fluss-Kreuzfahrten I Location: Strasbourg I Date: April 2023 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

MS Amadeus Cara of Amadeus River Cruises overview

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Today the sun is shining from the blue sky in spring-like Strasbourg as I enter MS Amadeus Cara. Hotel manager Max takes the time to show me around the ship, which entered service in 2022. Already in the elegant foyer it is clear that the family-run, Austrian company attaches great importance to style and class. So it’s no surprise that Amadeus Cara was the inspiration for the MS Amadeus Riva, which was christened this year.

On tour on board

In this weather – of course – I stay on the sun deck of the Cara for the time being. A good idea, as it turns out: The excellent, comfortable seating in the lounge area at the bow invites you to enjoy and relax – even in the port area. This is the perfect place to relax. The purpose of the white „stumbling stones“ that are arranged directly around the floor windows and seem to frame them is not clear – they seem somewhat misplaced.

On the other hand, the players of the large chess set at the rear should place their figures correctly, otherwise it might soon be „checkmate“. But even then, the passing landscape makes up for any potential defeat.

One deck below, the partially covered River Terrace at the bow of the luxury liner awaits the guest’s visit. At any time of the year, it offers protection from the wind and weather while at the same time providing a magnificent view in the direction of travel. Snacks and drinks can also be consumed here. The counterpart at the stern is the Amadeus Club: Here, the coffee and tea station is available around the clock – the cosy room invites you to relax or browse through the library.

On the same deck – the Mozart Deck – are the 10 Amadeus Suites: They score with a generous 26m2 and each has its own little balcony and seating. All the other 71 outside cabins are also larger than average at 17m2. In most of the cabins in this category, the window can be lowered at the touch of a button, so that you can dream away the next day to the sound of the river water. All cabins have an elegant, discreet design in common, which is of high quality throughout. Those who take up their holiday quarters here on board will have no choice but to feel at home.

What would an Austrian cruise line be without its own Wiener Kaffeehaus? Correct, something would be missing! Of course, Amadeus River Cruises lacks nothing, and so on the gallery level of the lobby, there is the modern version of Wiener Kaffeehaus culture. Sitting up here and enjoying a local speciality is something you should definitely try.

But enjoyment on the river is also a priority in the Panorama Restaurant on the Strauss Deck, as is immediately apparent: The table settings are just as appealing as a glance at the menu for dinner. Variety in the menus is just as guaranteed as the exquisite selection of ingredients, the hotel manager assures during a tour of MS Amadeus Cara. By the way: During the meals, selected drinks are already included in the cruise price with Amadeus.

The heart of every river cruise ship is the foyer with its reception. The indirect lighting and plenty of daylight make the entrance area seem even more spacious than it already is. Some ocean-going ships can only dream of such a spacious foyer with a stunning view.

From the reception area it is only a few steps to the Panorama Lounge, which is certainly the most versatile place on board. Designed in muted colours, it is here that the welcome to the start of the journey takes place, as well as the evening entertainment. The countless seating areas invite you to talk to fellow passengers or „just“ to look out – the floor-to-ceiling windows make the panorama of the passing European river landscapes perfect.
The 5* ship Amadeus Cara is used on the major rivers such as the Rhine and Danube, but also on the idyllic Main and Moselle rivers. Spoilt for choice – which area would the recreation-seeking traveller on board MS Amadeus Cara like to discover first?

Sustainable future

It is also good to know that Amadeus is taking the path to the future responsibly and sustainably: For example, the entire fleet has already been awarded the prestigious „Green Award“ in 2022. It certifies that sustainable travel is consistently implemented with the highest environmental standards. For MS Amadeus Cara, this means that heat recovery systems are used on board as well as the possibility of obtaining shore power in the port. The latest engine technology reduces fuel consumption and cuts emissions. In addition, a modern water treatment system ensures that all used water is completely purified. With these and other measures, the new Cara protects the waters it will travel in the future. In this way, a journey on board Amadeus Cara will be pure river pleasure with added value, today as well as tomorrow. No matter on which river the journey may start.


It is quite clear that a port visit is no substitute for a complete voyage in order to get to know a ship properly. But one thing became clear today in any case: Amadeus River Cruises relies on a product of above-average quality with a correspondingly promising travel experience. The obviously cordial crew does the rest to ensure relaxed moments on board. And those who still need help with relaxation will find what they are looking for in the massage room: Here, experienced masseuses take care of even more well-being with their fingertip feeling, as Amadeus itself promises. So nothing can go wrong on a trip with Amadeus Cara – AHOI – off to new river horizons!

MS Amadeus Cara of Amadeus Fluss-Kreuzfahrten
MS Amadeus Cara of Amadeus Fluss-Kreuzfahrten

Advertising: SHIPS@SEA visited MS Amadeus Cara with the kind permission of Amadeus River Cruises.



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