SY Kairos of Sailing Classics
Description: SY Kairos of Sailing Classics I Location: Malta I Date: October 2023 I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

Mediterranean magic: On board the KAIRÓS from Sailing Classics

This is a special cruise that is not a cruise in the classic sense: a week-long sailing yacht cruise around Malta and Gozo. I’ve never felt so close to the world of sailing as I do here on board. At the same time, Sailing Classics gives me the unique feeling of travelling on my own private yacht: Anchors up and rig the sails – let’s get sailing!

The sun is shining as I leave the airport in Malta and take a taxi to the Grand Harbour Marina. This is the starting point for my sailing trip. Surrounded by historic architecture and yachts of all sizes, the harbour area alone promises to be an experience in itself. The old walls and fortresses as well as the view of the Valletta skyline give you an idea of the rich history this city has to tell.

First I drop off my luggage on the KAIRÓS and then take the ferry that takes me across the bay directly to the tourist centre of Valetta. The historic cannons thunder twice a day from the Upper Barraka Gardens at Fort Lascaris – a real spectacle!

Valetta itself breathes history and culture, which is reflected in the impressive buildings, museums and warm encounters with the locals.
Shortly before departure time, the uncomplicated boarding process begins and the crew greet their guests with canapés and chilled drinks.

Shortly afterwards, we cast off the moorings and set sail for St Paul’s Bay under the rising full moon – the great sailing yacht adventure begins and inspires me even on the first few nautical miles.

Our yacht serves as a maritime home and provides the perfect setting to enjoy our first dinner on deck under the twinkling starry sky. The boat sways gently in the waves and a gentle breeze soothes the skin while a delicious dinner is served.

I have quickly adopted a morning ritual: Before breakfast, I jump into the 25°C warm sea water and round the Kairos. I soak up the magical morning atmosphere and then help myself to the delicious breakfast buffet on deck. Is there a better way to start the day? Certainly not for me!

After breakfast, we weigh anchor and head for the small island of Comino, which lies between Malta and Gozo. With its picturesque bays, it is a popular destination for swimming. In the ‘Blue Lagoon’, crystal-clear, deep blue water awaits us, inviting us to go snorkelling. With our on-board dinghy, we explore impressive caves created by the sea over the course of time and then take a relaxing swim in the lagoon.

Fun-filled sailing experiences and sightseeing

At Sailing Classics, sailing is clearly at the focus of every trip. It is therefore hardly surprising that many guests are active sailors themselves and are familiar with the subject. However, this is not a necessity to take part in a sailing trip like this. The crew will be happy to explain all sorts of sailing tricks to newcomers.

Interested guests always have the opportunity to take an active part in the sailing manoeuvres: whether it’s setting the sails or taking the helm – the deck crew is happy for any active support. But don’t worry: those who prefer to relax on the railing will always find the opportunity to do so. So you can relax and enjoy the journey along the coast under the wind-filled sails. The creaking of the ropes and masts and the sound of the water slapping against the bow make this a unique experience.

There is also plenty on offer ashore: If guests wish, they can be taken to the shore by dinghy and have the opportunity to make their own discoveries ashore. Organised excursions are also offered: In our case, skipper Jose organised an island tour on Gozo, which gave us an intensive introduction to the diversity and beauty of Malta’s neighbouring island.

As we anchor in different bays every day, I get to know many new corners of the smallest EU country. Away from mass tourism, I explore the rocky coasts of the island world in a dreamy atmosphere. My highlight ashore are the winding alleyways of the former capital Mdina, which invite me to take a stroll.

SY Kairos: cabins, sailing and cuisine

Built in 2007, the KAIRÓS is a 38 metre long schooner. With its 8 air-conditioned double cabins, it can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests. The cabins with en-suite bathrooms may not be large, but they are all extremely elegant and comfortable. I had an excellent night’s sleep in my cosy outside cabin for the entire trip.

On the spacious outside deck of the KAIRÓS, there is plenty of space to sunbathe on comfortable cushions. If you prefer more shade, you can sit under the covered outdoor area at the back of the ship directly in front of the helm. Here you can enjoy the passing coastal landscape in all its maritime cosiness and chat with the crew at the same time.

For easy access to the dinghy or when bathing at anchor, the admiralty ladder is lowered on the starboard side and provides direct access to the sea.

If you like it sporty, you can use one of the two stand-up paddleboards, take advantage of the snorkelling equipment or even go water skiing (for an additional charge). Our small yacht provides all kinds of variety!

Below deck is the saloon, where the breakfast buffet is served in the morning. It also serves as a bad-weather alternative for dining below deck.

It’s amazing what our chef Mario creates for the guests every day in his very compact galley: the multi-course meals are served in the open air at the stern of the Kairos. This location is just as outstanding as the quality of the food – hats off.

Moreover, there is even a festive captain’s dinner to celebrate the end of our sailing trip.

Sailing-Classics presents a range of sailing destinations designed for different preferences and levels of experience. The offers range from relaxed voyages in the most beautiful regions of the world to challenging cross-country trips and complete Atlantic crossings – perhaps the last great adventure at sea nowadays.
Sailing-Classics also offers four-day familiarisation trips for those who want to try out sailing for the first time. These allow you to familiarise yourself with the fascination of life on board a sailing yacht in a short space of time. The focus is not only on the sailing itself, but also on the unique atmosphere on board.

There is a familiar ‘we-feeling’ between the fellow travellers, and even the crew of seven is not exempt from this. They look after the well-being of their guests with a lot of heart and sympathy and, of course, know their sailing trade inside out.

Sailing-Classics‘ wide range of offers guarantees that both beginners and experienced sailors will find the right sailing area and the right challenge for their needs.
Discovering the world from the deck of a sailing yacht and gliding across the vastness of the sea is pure freedom. For me, this sailing trip was more flawless than any other trip before: everything was just right and I can’t think of anything that could have been better. ‘Hats off’ – I rarely experience that and so there’s no question in my mind that I’d love to come back again.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be one of the old hands on board myself? With Sailing Classics and their crew, I can well imagine it.

‘Ahoy’ to all sailing enthusiasts and fans of yachting.

Advertising: SHIPS@SEA travelled on board the Kairós at the invitation of Sailing Classics.



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