MS SH Minerva
Description: MS SH Minerva I Copyright: Foto: Swan Hellenic

New Year maiden cruise of Swan Hellenic’s SH Minerva launches new era

Cultural expedition cruise pioneer’s purpose-designed new ship has left Ushuaia on a stunning 10-day New Year celebration Antarctic cruise.

Nicosia, Cyprus: Today, Friday the 31st of December 2021, Swan Hellenic announced that its new ship SH Minerva had left Ushuaia yesterday evening on her maiden cultural expedition cruise of the Antarctic, a 9-day New Year celebration of discovery.

Cruising in the expert hands of industry veterans Captain Tuomo Leskinen and Hotel Director Philipp Reutener, SH Minerva’s first guests look forward to celebrating the New Year deep in the splendours of Antarctica. Here, they will soon be exploring the inspiring sights and wildlife of the Peninsula and milder Shetland Islands in the company of Expedition Leader Pablo Brandeman, polar expert Steve Blamires and renowned ornithologist Andy Bunten.

Internationally acclaimed chef Jörg Lehmann is bringing Swan Hellenic’s distinctive new gastronomic vision to life on board, presenting varied menus of freshly cooked delicacies that include original Italian and Asian fusion dishes, created in partnership with multi-award-winning Consultant Chefs Andrea Ribaldone and Sang Keun Oh.

Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito commented: “We are immensely proud to have welcomed our first guests aboard this wonderful new ship to live unique new experiences that advance the revered Swan Hellenic tradition, taking them to see what others don’t in exceptional comfort and style.”



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