VIKING Polaris hits monster wave freak wave Ushuaia south atlantic
Description: Viking Cruises vessel in trouble: One guest died - four injured I Copyright: SHIPS@SEA

MS Viking Polaris hits monster wave in the South Atlantic Ocean

UPDATE 03.12.2022: MS Viking Polaris was hit on port side by the alleged monster wave, as Trend News Detail reports. This is proven by a photo of the ship published there. It is clearly visible how several windows in the area of the expedition cruise ship are broken. The shipping company Viking Cruises also confirmed that the Polaris had encountered a monster wave – but whether it was actually one by definition is as yet unclear. A „monster wave“ – called a „rogue wave“ in English – is a wave that is significantly larger than all other waves in the same area at the same time. According to this definition, these waves are at least twice as large as the average, and these waves appear suddenly within a very short period of time, without any significant advance notice.

As German reports, the Viking Polaris already ran into a storm on its way to Ushuaia in southern Argentina on Tuesday evening. In the process, an above-average wave hit the luxury expedition cruise ship, which had only recently been put into service.

While damage to the ship was very limited, according to shipping company officials, one U.S. passenger suffered fatal injuries. Four others suffered minor injuries and were treated on board.

MS Viking Polaris was able to continue her voyage under her own power to Ushuaia as planned and has arrived there in the meantime. As a precautionary measure, the shipping company Viking Cruises has cancelled the following planned cruise.

It happens from time to time that ships are hit by such „monster waves“. For a long time, the existence of the high-rise waves was considered a sailor’s myth; there for some years, this existence could be scientifically proven.

Here you can find more information about the Viking Polaris.



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